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Detailed Instruction:

This positioning technique is quite easy. You only need to have some kind of machine embroidery editing software installed on your PC.

It works if you want to embroider one design in correct place or many designs that don't even fit in one hooping and must be embroidered with high precision.

We will show you the basic steps using Embird. Of course you can do the same using almost any embroidery program. Just in case you don't have such software yet - get yourself a 30 days fully functional DEMO of Embird now. Here's a link to download it (just make sure your format is supported).

After selecting the design(s) you're going to use and the surface to embroider them on - do the following:

1. Select the smallest available hoop that matches each of your designs.

Avoid using large hoop if you can use a smaller one. Smaller hoops tend to hold fabric better. Also there's less space for fabric stretching during embroidering process. Small hoops automatically reduce such side effects like moved outlines, details not lining up, and fabric puckering.

2. Open your embroidery software. Using this software, open each design you want to stitch (one after another), and repeat the following steps with each of them:

Make sure the design is displayed exactly on same hoop size like the physical hoop you have selected in last step.

Center the design in virtual hoop of your PC screen. Then save it to media type that your machine can read (DON'T close the design yet).

Navigate to the design you want to use via the right panel. Double click on file name to view the design. Click "Editor" on top menu. When editing mode is on, click "Options" --> "Hoop Size" and select the hoop (sewing field) you need.

To center design in hoop, click "Edit" --> "Center" --> "Both Axes". Click "File" --> "Save As" to save the stitch file the way it's current positioned in hoop.

Click here to see Embird Screenshots of these steps >

Then, copy the stitch file to media that your machine can read (memory card / floppy / machine hard drive...).

3. Print out design templates (natural size image of all designs you're going to embroider, on sewing field size that you have just selected).

When printed out, this template should look like a grid, with your design drawn on that grid. If you've selected 4x4-inch sewing field - the grid should be exactly 4x4 inches. If 5x7-inch field - 5x7 inches, etc.

To print design template, while you're still in "Editor" mode, click "File" --> "Print Template".

Click here to see Embird Screenshots of these steps >

4. Cut out design template(s) you've just printed.

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