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Precise Designs Positioning Using Paper Templates

Since precise positioning is often used when you want to embroider design on ready item, we feel there's a need in a few precautions.

Before applying techniques described below on ready garment, take a piece of identical type and weight fabric and do a test stitch of your design with exactly the same materials you're going to use for your final project.

This will help you determine whether your choice of stabilizer and other materials was correct. Test until you find materials that look and work great together.

We even suggest that you use the same thread colors, to make sure cones include suitable thread. Because sometimes one color embroiders beautifully, while other is a disaster. This happens with most expensive thread brands, nobody is insured.

When doing this testing, you're insuring that your final project will be a success. If forgetting to test, especially when using some kind of new supplies, chances are that you will be heavily disappointed. And it's sad to see a ruined project.

Wash the fabric you're going to embroider on to pre-shrink it. If you forget to do this, it can shrink later together with the design. Then it will pucker and look terrible.

Also, take a new 12/80 needle every 8 hours of embroidering. It must be sharp and NOT "hooked". Otherwise your thread may start looping. Just because of bad needle your machine can start missing stitches.

Main Steps Summary:

  1. Select the smallest available hoop that matches each design.
  2. Open your embroidery software. Using this software open each design you want to stitch (one after another).
  3. Print out design templates for each of them.
  4. Cut out design template(s) you've just printed.
  5. Position your template(s) on the exact place(s) where you want the designs to be embroidered.
  6. Mark the fabric with disappearing ink pen on all 4 sides of each template, exactly in the middle (4 ink dots per template).
  7. Pin one template to fabric according to your marks, and hoop the fabric, making sure the paper template exactly resembles your hoop's embroidery area.
  8. Remove the paper template, and embroider corresponding design.
  9. Take out the hoop and unhoop the fabric.
  10. Repeat steps 7, 8 and 9 with each remaining design, until all of them are embroidered.

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