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Commercial thread is a must if you run a custom embroidery shop. It is much more cost-effective than using "home-size" machine embroidery thread. The standard cones for commercial embroidery machines include 5000 yards of thread.

There are five requirements for thread used for commercial embroidery:

1. It must be strong enough to run on high-speed embroidery machines.
2. It must be colorfast. It's essential for your business to sell items that are laundry-safe and that can be exposed to sun.
3. Commercial thread must NOT shrink. If your sell an item with embroidery that shrinks and puckers after laundry, your clients will never be back.
4. The thread must be long-fiber, and NOT leave lint in your embroidery machine.
5. The thread must look great - offer beautiful colors and noble sheen.

Since all of these thread properties are a must, polyester thread is the only wise choice for commercial embroidery. Some brands of polyester thread are not shiny and look quite dull. It's a good idea to avoid these brands, because the vast majority of people love high-sheen thread.

For commercial machines, we carry ThreaDelight brand polyester that is exceptionally shiny. It is available in 60 awesome colors, wound on 5000-yard cones. You may shop for commercial embroidery thread here...

Technical properties of ThreaDelight Polyester - Commercial Embroidery Thread:

ThreaDelight polyester thread is 40 wt - industry standard for machine embroidery.

It supports heavy laundry, including the use of NON-chlorine bleach. It can be exposed to sun.

ThreaDelight polyester can also be dry-cleaned, without the use of aggressive chemicals and anti-spotting agents, especially with dark thread colors.

ThreaDelight polyester is long-fiber thread, and therefore it doesn't leave lint in embroidery machines, keeping your machine healthy. Also, the thread looks exceptionally shiny and beautiful when stitched out.

The 5000-yard cones for commercial embroidery are available in 60 colors, that have been selected from the large ThreaDelight 260-color polyester thread palette after careful investigation of commercial market needs.

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