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Rayon embroidery thread is is quite popular thread for use in home machine embroidery, because it has a soft, lovely sheen and it is available in many colors.

Rayon embroidery thread is less strong and less laundry safe than polyester, yet many people still prefer rayon, partly because of it's beautiful sheen, and partly because of an old habit (because until recently, polyester threads used to be significantly less shiny. Although now the situation is different, rayon is still preferred by many people).

Rayon thread and shiny poly can look almost the same on a design, and can often be mixed together. Yet, carefully look at the difference in sheen - many brands of poly are still less shiny than rayon thread, so these may not match so well.

We carry ThreaDelight rayon embroidery thread, which is very strong, if compared to other brands of rayon. It's also very reasonably priced and always fresh, because we bring the thread directly from factory in small containers, and sell fast. For rayon thread, the freshness factor is VERY important. It may be a bad idea to purchase rayon from unknown source, because if it has been laying in warehouse for too long, it could loose it's elasticity.

More Technical properties of ThreaDelight Rayon Thread:

ThreaDelight rayon thread is 40 wt, and for the majority of projects works great with size 80/12 embroidery needles. Yet, always consider the type and weight of fabric and stabilizer you're using, to determine the most suitable type of needle.

This thread can stand moderate laundry, but it is NOT recommended for items that you intend to wash really often, wash with heavy detergents or expose to direct sun for long periods of time. We suggest to use rayon when you need your item to be 100% natural, or if your machine just loves rayon thread better than polyester. This can happen sometimes.

ThreaDelight rayon embroidery thread is long fiber, so it doesn't leave lint in embroidery machines. This way your machine stays clean and "healthy".

ThreaDelight rayon embroidery thread is available in 1100-yard cones, in 100 beautiful colors.
Please bear in mind that actual thread colors may slightly vary from what you see on computer screen, because each computer display shows colors a bit differently.

The color numbers of ThreaDelight rayon & polyester are the same, but rayon numbers come with R as the first symbol, and poly - with P. The color palettes of 260 poly colors and 100 rayon colors overlap - all 100 rayon colors are also available in polyester embroidery thread palette.

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