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What Thread to Use for Machine Cross-Stitch?

Machine cross-stitch designs embroider beautifully, using popular polyester & rayon 40wt thread, which is exactly the type of thread you use for all other machine-embroidery designs.

In case you feel a need for more colors, because cross stitch designs include many gradient colors, please click here to order an amazing kit of machine embroidery thread with a great color palette:

If you have access to good colors of thick (30 wt) cotton machine-embroidery thread, it will also look very nice with 14-count designs. (On 16- and 18-count, the cotton looks too bulky).

What Fabrics to Choose?

Cross-stitch designs usually look great on fabric types that aren't particularly delicate. For example, they look beautiful on linen, denim, and cotton/polyester blends - simple, inexpensive types of fabrics. Also, make sure the fabric you select isn't too stretchy.

Stabilizing Cross-Stitch Designs:

This depends on your fabric and the specific project, so you will need to follow the regular stabilizing rules. We can, however, suggest a couple of techniques that will work well for most cross-stitch creations.

1. Hoop your fabric with backing under it. If your fabric is very light, use NO-SHOW cut-away. If your fabric is medium- or high-weight, use regular cut-away. And if you really want the stabilizer to go away completely, you can use heavy, water-soluble backing and wash it away after the embroidery is finished.

2. Place thin water-soluble topping film over the fabric, if its weave is not very dense, or has tendency for absorbing stitches. The topping will prevent this highly undesired effect, and will make your design look more beautiful, because it helps the stitches "stand out."

3. Embroider the design, carefully removing jumps AFTER EACH COLOR STOP!

4. When your embroidery is finished, un-hoop it and remove the stabilizer.

Avoid using tear-away with cross-stitch designs. When tearing them, especially on lower counts, you may damage the stitches and fabric. Cross-stitch designs usually aren't dense enough for "cutting out" the tear-away (making it easily removable), as happens with satin stitches.

To hunt for embroidery stabilizers, please click here.

We hope you love cross stitch designs as much as we do. Usually, it's not possible to achieve so much details and shading with regular embroidery, while maintaining low thickness of the embroidery. That's why cross-stitch technique is so wonderful!

Below you can see some projects with cross stitch designs from our customers: .       .       . . .

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