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Supplies & Suggestions:

Make sure you have the following items at your disposal:

1. Water-soluble backing.
We highly recommend fabric-type water-soluble stabilizer, because it "sits" better in hoop during the embroidery process, and practically doesn't stretch. As a result, lace designs come out much better than with film-type WSB.

2.Top quality polyester machine embroidery thread & polyester bobbin thread, in identical color.
With lace designs, using strong thread is very important; because laces are stitch intensive and breaking thread will drive you crazy in no time. Also, thread breaks can cause the laces to unravel later.

Your thread also mustn't be stretchy. Threads sold by a couple of certain well-known brands tend to stretch a lot. Be careful, because lace designs will loose their shape if you use stretchy thread. Test your thread on one design to make sure it's suitable for lace, before you embroider tens of lace pieces and "find it out".

Whenever possible, we use ThreaDelight Matching Bobbins & Top Polyester Thread for making lace designs. It works great. If your machine accepts L-size prewound bobbins - get yourself matching color thread kit right away, because it'll save you plenty of time and trouble, and your laces will look beautiful on both sides.

If you want to make especially soft and thin laces - you may use 60-wt bobbin threads on both top & bottom sides. We've tried this and the effect is awesome.

3. A piece of quality fabric that sews well. Make sure it's not stretchy, not slippery, and doesn't unravel easily. Cotton or linen-cotton blend may be a good choice.

4. Prepare a pair of sharp scissors, some sewing pins, textile pencil and of course, lace designs.

Warnings & Tips:

1. NEVER resize lace designs. Most chances are that you'll ruin them completely. They are very sensitive to precision. While regular design may resize ok, a resized lace design will most probably fall apart after you wash away the water-soluble backing.

2. If you have new supplies (thread, stabilizer) - try them out first on one small test design, to see if everything is ok. Stitch it, wash away the water soluble and dry - just to see that your backing and thread are working well together. Only then continue with your main project.

3. Sometimes, especially with dense lace designs, it may be difficult to sew them together using embroidery machine. If you see it's the case - just stitch them on manually.

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