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Artificial silk shoe bag with Victorian Glamour monograms

Photos and instructions for making this luxirous shoe bag have been emailed to us by Bobbie Berry. Bobby, thank you! It is amazing!
Bobbie made this purse from a piece of highly durable artificial silk, and make embroidered label on the bag, using letters from Victorian Glamour embroidery font.

Here is a photo of ready purse, and below you'll find a detailed explanation of the steps, provided by project author:


Supplies list:

  • A piece of durable, good-looking fabric for the bag outside
  • Any fabric suitable for purse lining - in matching or contrasting color
  • A piece of appropriate embroidery stabilizer to support monogram stitches
  • Polyester embroidery thread for the designs (choose colors to fit your fabric)
  • Victorian Glamour alphabet (or other embroidery font)

    Step-By-Step instruction:

    1. Decide on the size of your bag. It may be a small bag for a single pair of shoes, or a larger one, like Bobbie did. Take an appropriate piece of lining fabric and front fabric. If you can use long strips - great, because it'll save you two seams. The outer fabric piece should be about 4 inches higher than the lining.

    2. Embroider designs on the front side of outside fabric, using appropriate stabilizer.See photo:



    3. Sew sides and bottom (if exists) with right sides together leaving top opening unstitched. This applies both to outside fabric, and to the lining.

    4. Turn the bag body right side out. Turn bag body edges inside.

    5. Insert the lining inside bag body - seams to seams (you should now see the right side of lining, when looking inside the bag).



    5. Hand-sew the lining to bag body.

    6. Machine-sew two parallel running stitch seams in suitable color, across the top of bag (for cord).

    7. Carefylly make a small opening on bag edge, for the cord (OR, you could leave a small spot without a seam, for this purpose). Insert a good-looking cord or ribbon to tie the bag. Ready! .




    1. Visit this page to learn joining and aligning letters using embroidery software.

    2. To learn easy re-hooping and precise design positioning techniques, subscribe to our educational machine embroidery e-mail course...

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